When it comes to custom home building, the heavy load of information may perplex you. Although it actually takes less time and work than you might think, especially if you’re working with professionals. With the right team, you’re only a year (or less) away from making your dream home come to life!

So if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to build a custom home, read on as we walk you through the stages of building a house from the ground up.

1. The Excavation

The time has come to begin work on your chosen property after meeting with an architect. It is best to start with a free lot analysis with the builders so you can also assess a variety of factors that could affect your target budget. Then, your team can clear the space and dig the foundation after this stage.

2. The Foundation

According to your structured floor plan, the foundation can be solidified by laying the groundwork for your specific area. In this instance, formwork and concrete pouring is required. Keep in mind that your team must build a solid foundation that will withstand the test of time.

3. The Framing

As the abstract takes shape, this phase can help you envision your future home that is framed and separated into multiple rooms. This time, you may be allowed to tour the property to get a better sense of how you will live there.

4. The Windows

When it comes to your windows, invest in high-quality material that adds value to your home. In addition to this, you should also look into energy-efficient windows.

5. The Roofing

In building quality roofing over your new home, you will stay safe and dry in all types of weather. And if you’re thinking about lowering your energy consumption as well as your electrical expenditures, go for a green roof and enjoy a cooler summer.

6. The Siding

With modern technology, know that you can build a home of distinct design and sustainable systems. For the siding of your home, have it wrapped in flash-spun HDPE fibers to form a long-lasting, energy-efficient water and air barrier.

7. The Drywall

In relation to the framing stage, this is the time when we finally enter the home to install drywall that will compartmentalize the different areas and rooms of your home.

8. The External Masonry

Let’s step back outside and focus on increasing curb appeal. With accents like brick or wood, you can highlight your exterior architectural features and give a lasting impression to all your friends, loved ones, and neighbors!

9. The Tiling

The tiling stage involves utilizing a wide array of options such as marble, granite, concrete, or whatever inspires you in the kitchen, baths, entryway, and other areas. As expected, this is the step when it can start to feel like your very own personal space!

10. The Interior Masonry

Interior masonry adds individuality to your new house and is a popular stage for many homeowners as it deals with your home’s focal points. This stage may involve scouring for beautiful wood and special stone adornments to install in—for example, your living room.

11. The Cabinetry

Cabinetry adds elegance and functionality to your living areas throughout this stage of construction. For this stage, you can work with a professional designer to create lovely storage solutions for every room of your home.

12. The Interior Trim

When it comes to this stage, it’s all about the subtle details that set rooms apart from one another. With the right trim style, you can make every part of your new home unique.

13. The Countertops

With countertops, you can choose to express your personality, be it through a minimalist design or more traditional forms and finishes. Your countertop is an aesthetic accent as well as a useful surface with many sections.

14. The Doors

For the finishing pieces, doors will finally be installed in every room of your house, including the foyer. Regardless of whether your final home’s front door is formal, regal, or rustic, it will look wonderful.

Build Your Custom Home with J. Francis Builders

Your dream home will come to fruition with planning and patience. As you settle down, celebrate and live the life that you’ve been vying for. Invite your loved ones to a housewarming party and reap the benefits of your hard work!

Are you looking for custom home builders in Greenville? With J. Francis Builders, you can finally build and develop your dream home with a team that aims for high quality and energy efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about the stages of building a house or to begin your journey!


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