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If you’re looking for the best custom home builders near Anderson, SC, you’ve come to the right place! J. Francis Builders has designed and built hundreds of dream homes all over Upstate South Carolina for over 20 years.

With an in-house design and build team, everyone works under the same umbrella, meaning we’re all on the same page of the project from inception to completion! Our process is incredibly seamless and we hope to get the opportunity to work with you and show you why we’re the right choice as your dedicated team of home builders.

Why Choose Us as Your Luxury Home Builders near Anderson, SC?

Home Builders Anderson, SC

  1. Top of the Line Customer Service: Through the years, our team has developed a process that is focused on producing high quality, energy-efficient homes with a positive building experience. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.
  1. Open Office Policy: Communication plays a big part in our process. Our doors are always open and you’re invited to drop by at any time to discuss your plans.
  1. Experience: Jimmy Francis, the heart of J. Francis Builders and a Greenville native, has been going the extra mile for his clients for 2 decades. He is involved in every aspect of the building process, has perfected a unique process that’s exciting and clear and has hired a team of only the top professionals to help him along the way.
  2. Innovation: We challenge industry standards to provide a better product and overall experience for our clients. We stay current on up to date features and amenities to satisfy what homebuyers are looking for – this includes energy-efficient systems, smart home technology, spa-like bathrooms, massive walk-in closets and relaxing outdoor spaces.

What You Need to Know Before Building a Custom Home

In order to fully enjoy the adventure that is building your own home near Anderson, SC, you first need to start by making smart, focused building decisions.

To help you make the most of this process, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Your Lifestyle

Consider how you live your life today. Do you regularly host overnight guests? Do you have a trophy room that needs more space to grow? What about your hobbies and interests? Taking a moment to understand your lifestyle and habits and take these into consideration when building your home will make the planning and selection process that much easier.

Anderson, SC Custom Home Builders

  1. Your Financial Situation

As you may already be aware, when it comes to building vs. buying a home, the financing process also comes with its’ differences. If you decide to get pre-approved from a bank prior to starting your building journey, you’re already ahead of the game. That being said, not all banks offer construction loans, so it’s important to work with a builder that has relationships with many banks to help steer you in the right direction with a bank that fits your needs.

  1. Your Location

Choosing to build a home means you probably have a few locations in mind. You’ll want to make sure you consider each locations building codes and restrictions. For example, we recommend having a building inspection prior to purchasing a piece of land to give you an idea of what you’re up against for things like regulations and driveway placement. All things consider, the location of your home will have a greater impact on your life than the home you build. Luckily, we have some wonderful communities near Anderson, SC!

  1. Your Builder

It’s important to find a builder that shares the same design aesthetics as you. Don’t be afraid to treat it like an interview process. In fact, we encourage this! We want you to feel completely comfortable and satisfied that you’ve made the right decision for you and your family.

Some questions to consider asking:

  • Based off the specialty items I’ve asked be incorporated in the house, have you worked with any of these in the past?
  • Can you meet my timeline for completion?
  • What concerns do you have with the home I’ve just described to you?

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