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Are you on the hunt for custom home builders near Simpsonville, SC? Well, a seamless and stress-free custom home starts right here.

J. Francis Builders has been building and renovating luxury homes in upstate South Carolina for over 2 decades, over which we’ve consistently provided our clients with living spaces custom to their design, lifestyle and aesthetic needs.

Bring us your ideas, and we’ll provide the professional knowledge and expertise to help you build your dream home!

Process of Building a Custom Home

Custom Built Home Simpsonville, SC

For the J. Francis Builders team, taking the project from conception to completion is simple. Through our many years of experience, we’ve developed a process that is straight-forward and one you’re sure to enjoy.

Now that you have made the decision to build a custom home in Simpsonville, SC, you are now entering, in many ways, the most crucial stage of all.

During this architectural design phase, you will build the team that will carry you through the entire process of designing and building the house you’ve always dreamed of.

With this dream team on your side, the next few months will be thrilling and creatively fulfilling, and you’ll get to walk with us side by side to make your visions come to life.

Once you’ve met the team, the next steps are simple:

  1. Select your location. Choose from one of our ideally located communities!
  2. Have a sense of how many rooms, the preferred building materials and the size and style of the home and share these plans with your architect.
  3. Meet with your team to review the plans and discuss the building process.
  4. Review and sign the purchase agreement with your New Home Advisor.
  5. Work with preferred lenders to find your perfect financing plan.
  6. Your Construction Manager will introduce you to your new home prior to settlement.
  7. Move in!

Tips for Designing Your Own Home in Simpsonville, SC

There is so much to consider when building a custom home and for many people, it can be hard to know how to budget and make sure they get the very most from their investment. Follow these helpful tips to get yourself started:

  • Be realistic and flexible. Create rooms that will help you maximize the room’s functionality so that you don’t end up with a dedicated guest bedroom that sits unused for most of the time.
  • Think ahead. For example, if you have young kids that need a playroom, consider what that room can be transformed into once they are grown and no longer need it. Incorporate that change into the design of that space early on.
  • Plan for the unknown. Consider having a room that could serve several functions – be it an extra kid’s bedroom, a playroom, an office or a guest bedroom. This way, you won’t be short on space if an unexpected event occurs.
  • Go big on the storage space. If you plan ahead, your house won’t end up a cluttered mess. Built-in storage is a great way to provide organized space for all the extra “stuff” that will soon inhabit your home.

Design Your Own Home Today!

For over 2 decades, our team has designed and built stunning custom homes from the ground up in Simpsonville, SC and the surrounding areas. We would love the opportunity to build you the home you’ve always envisioned. Give our home builders in Simpsonville, SC a call today!

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