Italian style homes are uniquely designed and have a running theme of rustic decor flowing through them. This style offers an elegant alternative to suburban houses or urban townhomes. Read on to find out how you can invite this theme into your home with a custom builder near Greenville, SC at your side.


Italian inspired homes were among the most popular in the United States in the 19th century as designers attempted to bring a little of Europe to America. It also offered adaptability as an assortment of materials could be used.

Today, this style might mean incorporating narrow, tall arched windows or having your kitchen overlook an enclosed courtyard. Italian home styles can be realized anywhere, but it suits best when you have plenty of land to realize your Italian dream to fit your new house.


Italian Style Home Floor Plans


Italian inspired homes

designs aim to evoke the ideals of the picturesque villas that dot the Italian countryside. The floor plans focus on balancing indoor and outdoor living and a flow between them. The easy flow between the exterior and interior gives easy access to indoor spaces.

To achieve this flow and create a sense of grandeur through open concept design, Italian floor plans are best suited for those with ample land and space to build their dream home. These floor plans often incorporate room for multiple patios and space for an outdoor kitchen and dining area. After all, nothing says Italy more than sharing a meal with friends and family outside in the setting sun.


Exterior Details

Italian homes are constructed using smooth stone, brick, or stucco and can be identified by their low-pitched roofs and narrow-long arched windows. This is to maximize the amount of sunlight in the spacious house.

This style offers a bit more formality to a convenient layout. The entrance is adorned with huge double doors, creating a welcoming way to enter the home.

An Italian house is often known for its terracotta roof shingles which overhang to create shade. These houses are also well known for top-floor patios to catch a breeze.


Interior Details

Italian homes are usually one or two stories high with enough room to include space for large families and visiting guests. Homes have beautiful exposed beams, stonework, and wood that anyone would admire. It’s also not unusual to have grand fireplaces and extravagant marble floors and countertops to make your life even more luxurious. What’s more, you can expect soaring ceilings to really mark the height of luxury.


Build Your Italian Style Home near Greenville, SC

Italian style homes offer an elegant Mediterranean twist to a conventional home and layout. Check out Italian inspired home plans near Greenville, SC if you’re ready to step onto a warm patio and enjoy a wine with family and friends. Experts at J. Francis Builders have experience designing beautiful Italian home styles to ensure you get the house of your dreams.

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