Transitional Tuscan HOUSE PLANS

Living the Italian dream doesn’t mean you have to book a trip and go all the way to Europe to enjoy the Tuscan style and architecture. You can bring some Tuscan flair to your life with a Tuscan-style house plan. Read on to learn about what aspects of Tuscany can be brought into your home.


Tuscan House Plan Details

No matter the size of the land they’re built on, Tuscan house plans usually have similar features both inside and out. Using natural materials gives a rustic feel to the exterior and interior walls. While floorplans vary in layout and can be personalized accordingly, they’re made for one or two-story houses. 


Tuscan Home Exterior

Tuscan homes are usually all inspired by the Italian countryside. They’re traditionally embellished with red terracotta tile on low-pitched rooflines, long arched windows, and beautiful rustic wooden shutters. This flow between indoors and outdoors is created through earthy tones and rustic lines throughout Tuscan home plans. 

Tuscan homes beautifully incorporate the best of Italy with exterior stone accents, shutters, and stucco exteriors. You’ll also find arches and columns to be common in a variety of floorplans, as well as deeply set windows in true Tuscan form.


Tuscan Home Interior

Tuscan home plans are usually spacious without interruption between the living area and kitchen so families can share spaces and memories. Some plans feature a separate large kitchen, but they also have space for a breakfast nook nearby. It’s common to see exposed wood, curved stairways, and even media rooms in floor plans.


Inside the Italian Home

Our stylish plans give ample kitchen space to host the best family cook and a large refrigerator. What’s more, there is space for all your friends and family, which embodies the Italian idea that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Our plans combine modern and old, giving the Italian feel with the practicalities of your everyday life. You don’t need to give up on a dishwasher or air conditioning but can incorporate these into a Tuscan style.


Outdoor Space

Outside, courtyards are often adorned with beautiful foliage and space to share your life with family and friends so you can have a party inside and out. This is the best way to make the most of your home and space. What defines Italian life better than a homemade pizza on the patio in the sun? These designs help you to create the lifestyle you dream of. Once you build your Tuscan home, you’ll be your circle’s newest go-to host or hostess. 


A Taste of Italy

Stylish Tuscan house plans represent comfortable and relaxed atmospheres so that you can have a vacation feeling at home. Living in a Tuscan home brings a sense of relaxation and luxury every day.  

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